23-26 2017

In recent years the demands for typefaces covering multiple world languages and scripts have been rising dramatically. To provide designers with an opportunity to explore these unfamiliar territories, we conceived of a series of type design workshops on a variety of world scripts.

This years workshop will be held between August 23 and 26 in Bern, Switzerland and lead by type designers Maria Doreuli and Krista Radoeva. The workshop will be conducted in English and will introduce the Cyrillic script which is used in over 50 languages including Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian and many more.


Maria Doreuli is a type designer currently based in Moscow where she runs her own studio Contrast Foundry. Maria's projects have been honoured by many prestigious awards, including Granshan, Morisawa, the TDC Certificate of Excellence in Type Design.

Krista Radoeva is originally from Bulgaria, currently based in London where she works as a type designer at Fontsmith. She has given talks at renowned conferences such as ATypI, Serebro Nabora and TypeCon, and ran workshops in Bulgaria, UK and the US.

Together they run Cyrillicsly: a blog and consultancy with the aim to provide more information about the Cyrillic script.



Through a combination of lectures, group exercises, independent work and feedback sessions, the participants will design a Cyrillic extension to their own Latin fonts. The mentors will provide an in-depth look into history, writing, calligraphy and the contemporary state of the Cyrillic script in order to develop an understanding of the basic structure of letterforms. Focusing on the common approaches for designing Cyrillic, this workshop will provide a well structured knowledge on the logic behind the key letters of the script.

Besides the basic Cyrillic, participants will be paying attention to the country-specific alternatives. The mentors will share with the participants the research on the extended Cyrillic — not only Bulgarian and Serbian localised forms, but a huge amount of mysterious letters that are being used in hidden parts of Russia and in many of the post-Soviet countries.

How to apply

The workshop is aimed at designers (professionals, students, graphic designers, teachers or any other typographic enthusiasts) who already have some basic experience in type design.

The number of participants is limited to 14.

    Erlesen, located in the cultural hub Progr, Bern.
    Bring your own computer, sketchbook and writing tools. Modern font editors such as Glyphs or RoboFont are preferred. As a workshop participant you will get a 10% discount on buying a Glyphs licence.
    280 CHF for students and 500 CHF for professionals.

    Send your application to our email: We will shortly get in touch with you to inform you about further details.

    We accept applications until the beginning of the workshop.

Don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions.


Typeworks is a workshop series focused on foreign scripts organised by the Typeworks team. We hope to encourage typographic literacy in world’s scripts among European designers. Launched in 2016 in collaboration with Rosetta Type, the workshops will be periodically organised either in Switzerland or abroad. Our goal is to provide students, professionals and typographic enthusiasts with a peek into the world of global typeface design.


Looking forward to meet you at our workshop!

Malvina Lubec, Thomas Hirter, Matthias Pauwels &
Christoph Stähli Weisbrod


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