Type Design
David Březina
22-27 2016


In recent years the demands for typefaces covering multiple world languages and scripts have been rising dramatically. To provide designers with an opportunity to explore these unfamiliar territories, we conceived of a series of type design workshops on a variety of world scripts. The first workshop will be held between August 22 and 27 in Bern, Switzerland and lead by type designer David Březina.

The workshop will introduce a major Indic script, Devanagari, and an approach to designing typefaces that support it. While focusing on one script, the mentor will also address some of the challenges designers face when creating typefaces for unfamiliar scripts and questions they may want to ask during this process.

David Březina is a type designer, typographer, occasional writer, and the director of the Rosetta Type. While you may know him as the designer of the award-winning type family Skolar, he has also worked on typefaces for Adobe, Linotype, Microsoft, and others. So far, he has designed typefaces for Cyrillic, Greek, Gujarati, Devanagari, and various extensions of Latin.



The workshop will consist of a mix of lectures, independent work, and feedback sessions. Participants will work on the basic Devanagari letters to form an extension of their own typefaces. They will understand the mechanics of this beautiful, yet challenging syllabic script and their implications for typeface design. Part of the workshop will be dedicated to an overview of a Devanagari font production.

While it is nearly impossible to design a working Devanagari typeface in one week, participants should learn the most difficult bit. That is: how to start, how to appreciate design of an unfamiliar script, how to get oriented, and how to critically approach their process in order to arrive at a sensitive interpretation of a script. Together with an overview of the sheer scope of the Devanagari-script design and all its aspects, it should provide them with a solid foundation to continue independent work and further exploration with this or other scripts.

How to apply

We’re looking for professionals, students, graphic designers, teachers or any other typographic enthusiasts. The workshop is aimed at designers who already have completed some Latin typefaces (basic character set is sufficient) and want to experiment with extending these typefaces with a non-Latin component. Number of participants is limited to 14. The workshop will be conducted in English.

  • LOCATION: At Erlesen, located in the cultural hub Progr in the center of Bern.
  • TOOLS: Bring your own sketchbook and writing tools. Modern font editors such as Glyphs or RoboFont are preferred. As a workshop participant you will get a 10% discount on buying a Glyphs licence.
  • PARTICIPATION FEE: 300 CHF for students and 600 CHF for professionals.
  • APPLICATION PROCESS: Submit your application to our email: Kindly provide your contact information and include an indication of your type design experience – keep it short and sweet. Please attach a brief PDF portfolio or link to your website.
  • DEADLINE: The application deadline is at midnight, July 17, 2016. July 22, 2016.

Don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions.


Typeworks is a workshop series focused on foreign scripts organised by Typeworks team in collaboration with Rosetta Type. We hope to encourage typographic literacy in world’s scripts among European designers. Launched in 2016 in Bern the workshops will be periodically organised either in Switzerland or abroad. Our goal is to provide students, professionals and typographic enthusiasts with a peek into the world of global typeface design.

Looking forward to meet you at our workshop!

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